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Spam + Virus Protection by SpamShark

Add spam and virus protection by SpamShark Up to 50 email addresses for $12.00/yr*

SpamShark is an email filtering service that deploys multiple layers of technology to protect you from receiving unsolicited email. The sheer volume of spam coupled with spammer creativity leaves individuals with no option but to turn on technology to combat this ever-present threat.

Spam Protection

SpamShark uses several methods of email analysis to protect you from spam, including fingerprinting, rules-based scoring and custom spam filter management. SpamShark’s fingerprinting technology takes a “digital picture” of each message and matches it against known profiles of spam emails to detect unwated email and flag it as spam. In addition, messages are scored against SpamShark’s proprietary database of spam rules, assigning scores to each message based on more than 20,00 unique characteristics of spam and legitimate mail. When a message’s score reaches a defined threshold, it is flagged as spam. For additional email security, SpamShark customers can adjust the level of spam filtering in their inbox, providing control over what messages you receive.

Spam Prevention

At the edge of our network, SpamShark deploys sever layers of technology to prevent spam from entering. RTAP, SpamShark’s proprietary email traffic analysis technology, detects in real-time anomilies in email traffic in order to block incomming connections from spammers. SpamShark uses IP-based authentication to ensure email is coming from a known sender as well as who it claims to be from. SpamShark also employs its own reputation database with lists of the most flagrant spammers to prevent unwanted message delivery.

Spamshark Benefits

  • Multiple layers of technology to prevent and protect against unwanted email traffic from reaching your inbox
  • No user tuning, SpamShark blocks more than 95% of unwanted emails, reducing email traffic and saving you time and frustration.
  • SpamShark delivers the lowest false positive rate of any vendor (1 in 250,000) ensuring delivery of all legitimate email. SpamShark also has the lowest false critical rate (false positive for mission critical message) of any vendor (1 in 1,000,000).
  • The SpamShark team of spam analysts has broad exposure to millions of messages daily; the team constantly updates spam rules, reputation database, and fingerprint to stay ahead of spammers’ ever-changing tactics.
  • “Set it and forget it” philosophy offloads management and maintenance of email protection; No white lists to upload or maintain.
*Wholesale Club pricing